Reasons I love my wife, 71–80

Ten more reasons:

  • Her beauty and the force of her presence do not allow me to ever take her
    for granted.
  • No matter how tired or irritable she is, she doesn’t even flinch when I
    say I want to sing to the baby in her abdomen.
  • She adores me even when there’s no reason for it.
  • The sight of a cherry tree in bloom fills her with wonder.
  • Her come-hither expression makes me weak in the knees.
  • The state of my employment has nothing to do with my value to her.
  • She thinks she doesn’t deserve me and doesn’t realize that I don’t deserve
  • She understands my jokes and thinks they’re funny.
  • She doesn’t hold it against me (for long) when she dreams that I’m mean
    to her.
  • She just called up the stairs and asked if I wanted to kiss her before
    she started her shower.


One thought on “Reasons I love my wife, 71–80

  1. And she actually made it into the shower?…….I think I would have ended up somewhere else. Heehee…