Marriage links for the week

I don’t know whether this is just a fertile time for the world or if I have
a one-track mind this week, but I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff about babies
and pregnancy lately. I apologize if this is boring anyone, but I can’t seem
to think about much of anything except the fact that a baby will soon enter
my life.

Joe and Jane Missionary are about eight months ahead of us in the whole pregnancy
thing. Joe writes about choosing
a nickname for the baby
, Jane’s trip
to the hospital
, and her false
that should soon become real labor.

Marla Swoffer lists some sure
that suggest the presence of a newborn, and some
that occurred
to her later.

Doug McHone apparently does
not want to be my friend

Rey offers me a few words of advice in the way of pregnancy

Daniel J. Phillips explains
why "Marriage
isn’t for the faint
. But then, neither is life." (Link via Transforming

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