There are things going on in the Happy Household—nice, good, blog-trumping things,
the bulk of which I wrote about all last week. I do have one announcement, though.
This blog will be moving soon to a more logical domain: TheHappyHusband.com.
The new design, which demonstrates every design technique I have learned in my vast experience as a writer, is just about ready for prime time. All it needs are a few animated
GIFs and it will be complete.

Not really. Basically, I bought the domain and posted a really obnoxious index
page. I actually bought the domain a couple of months ago. I am still working
on a new design with a new content management system, but it’s slow going.
It may go more quickly now that I have no job and my days are freer, but it
may go more slowly now that I have a pregnant wife and am focusing more of
my time on making sure their needs are met. Anyway, don’t change your bookmarks
just yet. Please.

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