Reasons I love my wife, 61–70

I’m pleased to offer ten more reasons I love my wife:

  • Even Especially when she’s pregnant, she grows more beautiful every
  • Her singing voice is sweet, sincere, and untrained.
  • She helps me dress in a socially appropriate manner.
  • I can’t fall asleep in bed if she’s not beside me.
  • She has this tiny little shirt that, uh, never mind…
  • When I start thinking about her in that tiny little shirt, it takes me
    half an hour to gather my wits and write something.
  • She appreciates humor more than punch lines, and thus we agree that Scrubs,
    Malcolm in the Middle, The Simpsons, Arrested Development,
    and King
    of the Hill
    are the best sitcoms currently on TV.
  • She’s both humble and confident.
  • She has beautiful penmanship.
  • She sculpted a little dog figurine for me. It sits on my desk and makes
    me feel close to her even when we’re apart.

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