Love stories

Most of the time on this blog, I write about me, my marriage, and marriage
in general. Sometimes I turn writing duties over to a guest, and sometimes
I publish an e-mail I’ve received. Some of my favorite communications with
readers has been the love stories they’ve shared. I haven’t received any love
stories in quite a while, so today I just want to call attention to them. Here
are a few:

Bill, aka Theognome (who recently
resumed blogging after an extended hiatus), shared his love story in the comment
section of a post. I’m reprinting it here
so that it’s all in one place and not broken up over 12 separate comments,
and to maybe inspire others to write down their love story and send it in.
I love stories like this.

As much as I’d enjoy making the kind of comparison that you have, It would
be quite far from the truth. Here’s how I came to know the Lord:

I was taught
my youth that Christians were stupid, hypocritical, gullible and ignorant.
When I was living in Tucson (a few years before I met Toni) I finally
got tired of these idiotic Christians all trying to ‘witness’ to
me. None of them said the same things about God, and it seemed to me that the
whole lot of them were just lemmings. So, I decided I’d beat them at their
own game. I’d steal me a Bible (I sure wouldn’t pay good money
for one), read it, and then when they came at me with their nonsense babble
I could
slaughter them with the very the book they claimed to believe but probably
never read.

I went to a local hotel first and grabbed a Gideon bible, but the fool thing
was written in the king’s English, and I didn’t want to muddle through
all of the Elizabethan garble. So, I went to a bookstore and found a translation
that was in modern English called a NIV. I wrote a check for it on a bank account
that didn’t exist and then took it home and read it, every word, cover
to cover, twice.

After that, I had to wonder. What I had been told about God and what was in
this book here didn’t agree. Just what were all of these churches out there
doing? Didn’t they use the thing? So, I went on a mission. I decided
to see if there were any churches in my city that actually taught the stuff
was in there.

Mind you, I read the Bible as if it were any other book- that what it contained
was exactly what it meant to portray, nothing more or less. At this point,
I was not a believer. Worse, I was a heathen that knew what was in the Bible.
was the worst nightmare to the Churches of Tucson, AZ.

And it showed. When I went into a goofy church, I would tell them just how
goofy they were according to this here Bible that they, as Christian idiots,
were supposed
to follow. And I would tell them these things very loudly right in the middle
of their services. I was forcibly ejected from five churches for such outbursts,
and barred from even entering two of them that I had not gone to before. I
guess that the word had gotten around.

Finally, I went to a big Southern Baptist church, and which, unknown to me,
was in theological flux i.e. going reformed. I sat down in the front row one
(I always went to the front) and, Bible in hand, waited for the fool preacher
to say something stupid. He didn’t. Through the entire service, I couldn’t
find one thing said that was not in agreement to the Bible. So, after the service,
I went up to the preacher and said, “Listen a**hole, I couldn’t find
anything you said that wasn’t in here (holding up my stolen Bible), but
I’m after you now. I’m gonna be here every Sunday until you screw
up, and then I’ll know that your version of Christianity is just as lame
as everyone else’s.” He replied, “Well, we have a Bible study
on Wednesdays, why don’t you come to those, too?”

So I did. For two months, I never missed a service or a study. I argued, cursed,
accused… oh, I was hell on Scripture. I just knew that there was no way
a church could actually be faithful to the Bible. After all, no one else was,
they were all just a bunch of idiots. Finally, one of the pastors (there were
two) gave a sermon concerning Paul on the road to Damascus. It hit me like
a ton of bricks. That was I—full of the knowledge of the Lord, and yet fighting
tooth and nail against Him. I was undone that day… and made anew.

So, that’s how I came to know the Lord. How I came to know the Purdiest is
a whole different tale…

Like most salesmen, I went through my Amway stage. I was living in Tucson,
AZ in March of ’98 and was told by my upline that I needed to attend
a seminar in Irvine, CA. I had a few folks in my group, and so I and my friend
T.J. drove
the nine or so hours from Tucson to Irvine to attend. I had broken up with
a girlfriend a few months prior, and had decided that I was destined to be
a single
guy whether I liked or not.

We arrived at the Irvine Marriot Hotel Friday morning, and began to attend
the festivities. The meetings lasted all weekend. On Saturday, during lunch
I saw that they had forgotten to lock their piano in the lobby. Now I am quite
addicted to pianos, so I sat down and began to play Beethoven’s Moonlight
Sonata. I played the first movement, which most folks are familiar with, and
then played the second movement.

Now the third movement was beyond my skill, and it still is. So I looked about
before I began to play something else, and I saw this knockout gorgeous woman
standing behind me, listening to me play. So I said, “Hi there.” We
chatted about music for a bit, and she played some Chopin for me, and I then
did likewise. We exchanged voice mail phone numbers, and parted ways, me for
Tucson, and her for Pittsburgh, CA.

I called her voice mail the following Tuesday, and gave her my home phone.
She had a bible study on Wednesday, so we spoke on the phone Thursday. We did
daily for another month, for hours at a time. Finally, in April, I flew up
to Pittsburgh CA (it’s in the Bay area near Oakland) for a long weekend.
After three days, I knew for a fact that I could not go on without this woman,
so as we were on the way to the airport to put me back on the plane home, I
asked her to marry me. She said yes, and we were married in her church six
months later.

Sorry for the length of the response, but these two subjects, the Lord and
my wife, are my absolute favorite.

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