Marriage links for the week

Robert of Dead Man Blogging offers some highlights of
the 11-sermon series offered by Douglass
on marriage.

A writer in the Washington Post describes the intensive
premarital counseling
she went through. This article is a love story,
proposal story, and celebration of marriage all in one. If you’re asked for
un/pw, try almeda/garjohhut. (Thanks to Miss
for the link.)

The National Review has an interview
with Dr. Neil Clark Warren
, founder of
eHarmony. (Thanks again to Miss

Chris Clicka of Ladies
Against Feminism
discusses how husbands should love
their wives unconditionally
. (ht: Kristen of Walking
, who adds some thoughts of her own.)

The Bayer Family (both Kev and Rubi)
tackle the question, "Why
get married?"

Apparently, singles who are once-divorced have more stock in the dating market
than those who have never been married. Social scientists speculate that a
prior marriage demonstrates a willingness and capability to commit. I don’t
follow that logic, but World and
USA Today both report on it.

Monday was Valentine’s Day, and the blogosphere went all out celebrating marriage
and romance:

Marn talks about the importance
of marital duties
and about her 210th
wedding anniversary
. Key quote: "I came this close to beginning the 31st
year of my marriage by fighting with my spousal unit because he gave me a gift
I had wanted for months."

The McKennas, Katy and Doug,
both offer their thoughts on "Love never fails" from I Cor. 13. (Thanks
to Irene for the link.)

Clarence of Can You Hear
Me Now?
tells the story behind his plain
gold wedding band

There are a lot more links out there this week, but this is overwhelming enough
as it is. If you know of something important I’ve left out, please leave it
in the comments.

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