Reasons I love my wife, 51–60

  • She says the funniest, most random things when she’s falling asleep.
  • She has a child’s love of playing.
  • She’s eminently cuddle-able.
  • She can sing We Are The World in the styles of all 35 singers.
  • She doesn’t point out shapes in clouds, but she does get excited when she
    sees a car that has a face (headlights form the eyes, bumpers form the
    mouth, etc.).
  • She didn’t care for Broadway musicals before we met, but now she shares
    my passion for the theater.
  • She lets me warm my cold feet on her legs.
  • She lets me warm my cold hands on her back.
  • She’s an amazing friend, to me and to everyone.
  • She’s kind to children and small animals.

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