Marriage links for the week

BJ Hewitt talks about how
he loves his wife

M.B. McClendon shares 25
reasons she loves her husband
, then discusses how
to choose
to see the good
in an imperfect
husband. She also links to Christie
G.’s list

Jennifer at A Lady In Training also writes about loving
her husband through his faults

I never fail to be impressed by the insight Irene shows in
her singleness
She seems to understand so much that I didn’t get until after I was married.
I just wish her commenters would give her a break sometimes.

Last week I linked to posts by Kev and Rubi Bayer
tackling the question "Why get married?" They were responding to the question
posed at Witt
and Wisdom
. This week Kev linked to a post from Between
Two Worlds
deals with a related question: "How
does marriage glorify God?

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