Reasons I love my wife, 31–40

I’m working on writing 100 reasons I love my wife, in increments of ten.

  • She stares at my lips when I talk.
  • I’m
    supposed to
  • She’s a great cook.
  • She likes my cooking.
  • She encourages me in writing a blog about marriage.
  • People like me better when they know she approves of me.
  • She thinks I’m the best hugger in the world.
  • She listens as well as she talks.
  • She loves games, she’s very competitive, and she likes that I’m competitive
    as well. Because seriously, what’s the point of playing a game if you’re
    not trying to win?
  • She has not yet completely flipped out over my habit of purchasing more
    books than we will ever have space for.

One thought on “Reasons I love my wife, 31–40

  1. i am writing this not as a reply for the above but in general.this site is just great and i accidently came across it.i am going to get married next month and even though i have known my fiance for the past 9 months i was having a lot of apprehensions about getting married.going through this site made me feel soo good about getting married to the one i love.i know its great to be with the one whom GOD has chosen for you.the love that you both share makes me feel happy.GOD bless you both and me n my fiance too to love with all our hearts.