Reasons I love my wife, 41–50

I am still in the midst of writing 100 Reasons I Love My Wife. While I was thinking about
what to write about tonight, it occurred to me that in many ways actions dictate
feelings. Therefore, reasons 41–50 will focus on actions I take that make me
love her more.

  • I lie in her place in bed while she washes her face and brushes her teeth
    at night, acting as her own personal bed warmer
  • I open doors for her
  • I kiss her at least 50 times a day
  • I hug her as if she’s the only woman in the world
  • I work a well-paying, soul-sucking job so that she can work a low-paying,
    world-changing job
  • I keep her supplied with chocolate and candy
  • I encourage her when she works out at the gym
  • I serenade her, sometimes with my ukulele
  • I brag about her to my friends and family
  • I pat her rear every time I walk past her

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