Ten more Reasons I Love My Wife

I’m up to twenty on my quest to list 100 Reasons I love my wife. Here are reasons No. 21—30, in no particular order:

  • Her smile triggers an endorphin release in my brain.
  • She’s the most intuitive and emotionally intelligent person I know.
  • She’s the best hugger I know.
  • Her hands fit in mine perfectly.
  • She’s comfortable and content being herself.
  • She puts a lot of thought into every gift she gives.
  • She taught me how to love her the right way (I’m still learning).
  • She gets a devastatingly adorable expression on her face right before she cries.
  • She gets a devastatingly adorable dimple next to her right eye when she smiles.
  • Her neck is long, graceful, beautiful, and fun to kiss.

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