Happy, but flailing

Writing is a personal transaction between two people, conducted on paper,
and the transaction will go well to the extent that it retains its humanity.
While that’s true of most writing, there are a few exceptions when it comes
blogging. On a Web log, the
a little differently. It is conducted not with ink on paper but lighted pixels
a computer
screen. And it doesn’t occur between two people but among several (in some
cases several thousand),
whom have the opportunity to weigh in and have their reaction noticed by others.
I do think that a blog’s posts must retain a level of humanity
in order to be effective.

I try to do that here. I can’t really help but stay human when I talk about
my love for Mrs. Happy. I just hope it has the desired effect of encouraging
married couples and providing hope (and maybe a little instruction) for singles.

I have been suffering from writer’s block for more than a week now. I tried
to begin a post with the fifth sentence on the 23d page of a book
picked randomly off a shelf, and I tried again tonight—this time using On
Writing Well, Fourth Edition
by William Zinsser. The exercise wasn’t much help, but
at least I have something to post. If you
been silently
hoping to see a post on a particular topic here, leave your request in the
comments or send me an e-mail. Please.

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