Prayer for marriages

This post is part of the 40 Days of Prayer leading up to the U.S. presidential
election, sponsored by Spare Change.

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for recognizing in your wisdom that it is not good for man to
be alone. We thank you for giving life to the first couple and providing us
a model for marriage. We thank you that when that couple failed and passed
on the legacy of sin to all humanity, you provided us another model in Jesus’
relationship with the church. We ask now for a revival of passion for joyful
marriage in this country. We ask that men and women of influence would publicly
encourage and demonstrate the blessings of the lifelong commitment and fidelity.
We ask
that you pour out your peace and strength for our president and his wife as
they remain devoted to one another in the withering glare of partisan politics
as they advocate for a return to true marriage.

Help us all to deal with our spouses in absolute love and respect, serving
each other even when it means great sacrifice. Give us opportunities to share
the joy of marriage with others, encouraging our peers and instructing young
men and women in the reality of how a husband and wife should love each other.
Lay bare all the lies told in popular entertainment about the glamour
of loveless romance and sex. Reveal to the entire country your perfect plan
for marriage and renew every couple’s love.


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