Marriage links for the week

Richard, a Methodist minister in Wales and author of the blog Connexions,
has a post called Celebrating
, so I have to link it. Though the post is short, it links to Real
Live Preacher’s excellent post Marriage
is Good Work To Do
, which says (among other things):

The busier you are, the more intentional you must be about your marriage.
In the end, the children will leave, jobs will come and go, and even something
as precious to me as writing may only be here for a season. Jeanene and I
hope to be together until the end. And when the end comes, I do not want
to regret
our journey together, knowing that I shortchanged it because I was too busy
doing “important” things.

According to Katy at, a husband who knows just
what to say
one of the best things in the world.

Ben of Marriages Restored chimes
on the discussion of my
on monogamy.

Jane Missionary ponders the meaning
of submission
in the context of marriage
and culture.

King of Fools tells why he received The
from his wife, and deservedly
so. I myself have received The Look more times than I care to count, and deservedly

Doug McHone of CoffeeSwirls writes about guarding
your heart
to preserve love
for your spouse and the health of your marriage.

I of course guard my heart around women who are not my wife, but I can’t help
being flattered when Miss
O’Hara says
(toward the end of the post), "I have to say that Mrs. Happy
is one of the luckiest women on earth. *sigh* They don’t make too many like
that anymore."

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