Comings and goings

There’s good news, and there’s bad news. First, the bad news.

The Rev. Donald Sensing of One Hand
has decided to take a six-week
hiatus from blogging, after which time he will re-evaluate whether he will
blogging at all. This is a huge loss (for at least six weeks, and I fear probably
more) to the blogosphere as a whole and to me personally. He is one of the
few independent bloggers with any training and/or experience in journalism,
so he understands how the media works. He is a former Army major with nearly
20 years of service, so he understands military matters in a way few people
do. A large part of his service took place in the Pentagon, so he has a perspective
on national politics that not many can claim. He is also a full-time pastor
in a United Methodist church, and he looks at everything from a Godly point
of view as much as possible, and his writings on theology and spiritual matters
carry with them a certain authority and credibility lacking in some other sites.
Without his site to read every day, I’ll have to read Instapundit, Jollyblogger,
Dean Esmay, King
of Fools
, and a military blog I haven’t
chosen yet (suggestions?) just to be informationally satisfied in the manner
to which I have become accustomed. I guess he’s the Total cereal of the blogoshpere.

Some bloggers have what they call a blogdad or blogmom.
A blogparent is one who helps you get started in blogging and encourages you
in the early part of the process, offering advice on becoming known and providing
endorsements at critical times. I don’t have one of those. I started on my
own without any help and didn’t tell a soul about The Happy Husband until
a month after I started writing. But I didn’t start just out of the blue. You’ll
notice that the top category of links in the left-hand column of this page
is labeled Blog Role Models. Donald Sensing is at the top
of the list. I will never be him, or even similar to him since I have consciously
limited the subject matter here on this site, but he shows everyone how well
a blog can be written and how potentially influential one person on the Web
can be. Two of my role models now (Martin
is the other) have taken a break from blogging, probably never to
return. (Once you start blogging, you can’t stop. But once you stop, it’s nearly
impossible to start again.) I only hope I can live up to a little of what I’ve
seen on their sites.

Since I have no blogparent, I’m sort of an orphan, though I might refer to
my three role models as bigblogbrothers since they have all inspired me in
one way or another. I hope Dean
doesn’t quit any time soon, or else
be an only child in addition to being an orphan.

Now, the good news.

I mentioned that I didn’t start this blog out of the blue. The seed of the
idea actually came from my friend Jerry Novick. He suggested that I pitch a
weekly column to the local newspaper, a column in which I would write positive
things about marriage. My college degree is in journalism, and I didn’t particularly
want to have anything to do with newspapers ever again. However, I discovered
blogging right around the same time that Jerry made the suggestion, and thus
was born The
Happy Husband
. Well, now Jerry
has started his own blog called TheWriteJerry.
He’s barely been at it a week, but it looks promising. He’s a professional
writer who has written stories for such notable franchises as Superman and
The Hardy Boys, and also some semi-independent publications such as Samson,
Judge of Israel. He is also part of a group I affectionately refer to as "my
geek friends" (the others being Rey and
MCF, who is still contemplating starting a blog), and I can’t wait to see what
shape his blog takes in the future. (Oh, and he wrote some very
nice things about me
the other day.)

In a bizarre coincidence, the very day that I helped Jerry get his blog started,
I got an e-mail from my friend Amy (who went to high school with Mrs. Happy)
asking how to set up a blog herself. My advice to her consisted mainly of "try
Blogger," and shortly thereafter Amy’s
World of Random Thoughts
made its debut. Amy is a total media geek and
elementary school teacher in Texas, a combination that should make for quite
a few interesting posts.

So I’ve sort of helped two people get started in blogging, and now I’m encouraging
them in the early part of the process, as well as offering advice when asked
and providing
endorsements. Should I be passing out cigars? Maybe not, but I couldn’t be more
pleased at their arrivals.

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