Marriage links for the week

Jack Heald at Boar’s Head Tavern has some excellent advice
for young men
(Link via King of Fools and Jollyblogger.)

IreneQ says she doesn’t believe in falling
in love
. Her description of how love can "sneak up on you" is actually pretty
to how it happened with Mrs. Happy and me.

Ben writes about how "a vital part of trauma recovery (from an affair) is
the story
of what happened

"There’s something of the rascal in a man who would mark his 16th wedding
anniversary by standing up at the Tipton Community Church to tell parishioners
that he and
his wife just celebrated more
than 100 years of marriage
on September 11."

A UK couple married 65 years admits to "having
a good row
" now and then. I’m
always a little skeptical of couples who say they never argue. These two have
some good advice, though: "Don’t ever be jealous of each other.
You’ve got to respect one another. We’ve never stopped each other doing anything."

If you’ve been following Scott and Lori’s engagement like I have, you’ll be
pleased to know that they’re now happily married. Scott’s thoughts on the honeymoon
(the thoughts he’s willing to publish) include such statements as, "If you
like money, don’t
go to LA
." Too true. I hope they don’t plan on spending any time in New

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