One last hurrah

There’s a great little art supply store (GLASS, from now on) near our house
that we
learned is going out of business. There’s also a nearby Mega-mART, but it’s
just not the same. GLASS is within walking distance of home, whereas Mega-mART
is a
ten-minute drive. Both have a wide variety of supplies, though Mega-mART has
more furniture. GLASS’s prices are notably lower than Mega-mART’s. GLASS employs
who know art supplies and understand artists’ needs—exactly the opposite of
the workers one encounters at Mega-mART. GLASS is always a joy to visit—also
the exact
opposite of Mega-mART. And yet GLASS is the one that can’t stay afloat. The
world is just
not fair.

Anyway, we made one last art supply run earlier this evening. Some women love
to shop for dresses, some for shoes, and some for makeup, jewelry, or handbags.
wife loves shopping for art supplies, so we decided (it was actually my idea)
to have one last big spree at the store. We went pretty wild buying inks, cutting
and carving tools, specialty papers, and some other stuff, and the cashier
ended up giving us the employee discount since we had been part of the small
base of loyal customers, so the final bill was actually not that bad.

Few things
in this world warm my heart as much as seeing a smile on my beloved’s face,
and she smiled a lot tonight.

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