Marriage links for the week

Right Thinking
has some blunt but excellent advice on how
to be a man
2004 as well as how
to be a woman

(link via Brutally

Kris Murray, on The Edge of England’s
, discusses the problems she sees
with modern feminism.

Lori writes about her excitement surrounding her upcoming
wedding and subsequent move
from Arkansas to Scotland. I went through some
culture shock moving from Texas to New York, but nothing like she’ll experience.

Ray Pritchard celebrates his 30th
with his wife:

I am amazed that she is still here, and when I say it, a beautiful smile
breaks across her face, then a serious look, then "I’m amazed I’m still
here, too." Then a grin and a hug. [Marriage] isn’t perfect, but
it is wonderful. And to my great delight, it
gets better as we go along.

Woodlief over at Sand in the Gears brags
about his wife in a touching
(link via Dean Esmay).

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