Marriage links for the week

Finding herself facing an elegantly circular dilemma, Katy asks for advice
on giving advice to engaged couples
Her commenters come through for her.

Donald Sensing of One Hand Clapping offers the opinion that the producers
of the new movie The Stepford Wives sort of misses the point when
it comes to modern relationships
. He later posts a reader’s e-mail about
how his earlier post missed
the point as well

Check out Rick’s story about his wife’s close
encounter with a dragonfly
. A sense of humor about yourself is one of the
most important skills for coping with life.

Statedog Blake reminisces about his honeymoon as he, his wife, and his child
revisit the same area on a vacation.

According to an article at, a friendship with a member of the
opposite sex can cross a moral line and become an emotional
. Link via Marriages

A newspaper columnist reflects on the
nature of romance
as he looks back on
two years of marriage.

Another columnist advises Tiger Woods to call
off his impending wedding
. I
link to this because it’s sort of funny and sort of sad and completely ignorant
and moronic.

In my earlier post about the joy that dogs bring to the world, I was remiss
in not pointing out that Messy Christian has a
blog dedicated entirely to her dog

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