More links

I missed some links on Saturday due to my performing research on two different
and not e-mailing the results to myself. I don’t want these to go unnoticed,
so here they are. Consider this sort of a Marriage Carnival.

Brutally Honest Rick tells his own love story on the occasion of his 23d
wedding anniversary

Miss O’Hara laments the state of modern weddings and reflects on how many
of them cheapen
the meaning of the ceremony
and possibly the meaning of marriage

Messy Christian relates the love story of a couple from two different countries
during World War II. As she says, "if there’s one thing to be learnt, it is
that love can happen during the
most difficult times

Kevin McCullough shares a news item regarding what could be a
scientific, biological cure
for infidelity and promiscuity.

Another Kevin (Leman, this time), in a Christianity Today article, outlines
the concrete reasons a
good sex life is worth forethought
as well as foreplay.


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