Real life trumped blogging so completely yesterday that I didn’t even have
time to write an RLTB post.
Today, life is still holding a hand full of trump, but I managed to squeak in
a short blurb here. I’ll take this opportunity to draw attention to a recently
discovered (by me, anyway) blogger in New York named Kevin
. He’s
a columnist and radio talk show host who I linked on Saturday because of a
post he had written about the science of monogamy. He sent me an e-mail that
encouraged me quite a bit:

I was quite impressed with your blog. Thanks for giving me the plug on yours.
As a talk show host one of the things I emphasize all the time is the need
to strengthen marriage in our world today. I feel very  good about
adding you as a blogroll bud to the KMC blog list.

I sign off my show in NYC everyday
by saying – "Guys – go home tonight,
kiss your wife, play with your kids, and be the ‘Kind of man, Every man should
be!’ – Because in doing so you go further to change the world than anyone else." I’ve
been signing off that way for four years – its a good reminder to myself
as well.

I’ll be adding his site to the list of links on the left as soon as I get
some time to mess with my template. In the mean time, check out his site and
the others as well. They’re all good reads.

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