Impact, effect, mark, imprint

Today I was planning to write about the importance of influence in marriage.
I was going to say that a husband should influence his wife by his good behavior.
I was going to provide some examples from my own marriage of how I influence
my wife. But trying to discern my positive influences on Mrs. Happy was quite
a humbling experience.

If influence means "to indirectly or intangibly affect
a person or course of events," then I’m hard pressed to pinpoint any influence
flowing from me to her. I know that I provide daily encouragement, expressions
help, but do my good habits inspire imitation in her life?
My bad habits certainly do. My good habits often incite a response, but is
that the same thing as influence? Maybe the wife naturally possesses more influence
than the husband in the relationship. Maybe she does, but shouldn’t. Maybe
that’s what got Adam and Eve all confused in the first place. Maybe modern
husbands should try to overcome Adam’s influence on humanity.

I’m rambling. I do that when I’m confused. Any comments from older, wiser,
more seasoned husbands would be welcome.

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