Marriage links for last week

I’d like to thank everyone who e-mailed me birthday wishes. The day was wonderful.
I was just going to skip the links for last week, but the blogosphere had some
marriage posts too good to ignore, so here they are:

Stacy reflects on her attitudes toward her husband and ponders what
it would mean to honor him
in a Godly fashion.

Joe Missionary (another blogger I’ll add to my sidebar when I get a chance
to fiddle with my template) wrote last week about a
husband’s influence in a marriage
. What he wrote went nicely with my
post on the subject
, though we each wrote independently.

Jeremy at Parableman offers a stringent test for young couples to see whether
they’re ready
to have children
. Funny, but in many ways living with a small child seems
a lot like being a bachelor.

Rey sends up a prayer
for his son
as he grows.

This has nothing to do with marriage, but with my other passion: dogs. It’s
a story about how a
puppy was able to prevent
a Canadian man from going on
a killing rampage with a car full of guns and ammo.


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