An open letter to newlyweds

(inspired by Jessica’s
on Saturday

Dear newly married person,

I’d give you some sage words of advice, but I know from experience that unsolicited
advice has no effect. I’ll just try to offer some encouragement instead. Marriage
is a gift of God, and as is the case with all Godly gifts, this world we live
in is overtly hostile to the idea, institution, and practice. Sometimes your
new life will bring you nothing short of absolute bliss. Sometimes your heart
will swell with such joy that you fear it may burst. Sometimes your heart will
ache with the pain you cause and with the pain caused to you.
Sometimes you will find sweet fellowship with others who cherish marriage,
though sometimes you may feel that you’re the only one(s) trying to honor your
commitments. Just know that you’re not alone,
that others love marriage as much as you do and that marriage can be better
than you ever imagined when you were single. You’ll cry tears of disappointment,
anger, fear, happiness, affection, and gratefulness, just as we all do. Remember
that in spite of numerous declarations you’ll hear to the contrary, marriage
can be enriching, empowering,
and full
of love.

Here’s a bit of unsolicited advice after all. Never
take your marriage or your spouse for granted. Revel in the bliss, grow through
the heartache, laugh through everything, and always
keep your focus on God.




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