Marriage links for the week

I had a professor in college who had previously been a marriage counselor. He told us about a couple he once counseled who were going through some very rocky times. Their main issue was that the husband refused to let the wife get a dog, so she wanted a divorce. Of course, that was only the surface issue. It could just as easily have been football.

Happy marriages have more benefits than I can name, and apparently it’s even good for the heart.

Shocking news, this: If you want your marriage to be happy, be neither a tyrant nor a spoiled brat.

Man has yet to improve upon the family structure of a man and woman getting married and raising their own biological children, despite many claims to the contrary.

In good times and bad, a common faith lays the foundation for a strong marriage.

I grew up in Texas, where parents train their sons to be gentlemen and to treat a woman like a lady. I’ve been scolded by non-southern women for opening doors, walking nearer to the street, trying to help with unwieldy coats, and more, but the truth is I’d rather get scolded than act like a clod. (Link via The Noble Pundit.)

Speaking of The Noble Pundit, he had some very flattering things to say about me yesterday, for which I am grateful. My friend Jeff also left a nice comment on the post. I love validation.

Speaking of Jeff, he may have figured out why Internet Explorer can’t figure out how to space the lines here in this center column. It has to do with paragraph tags in the HTML and the way my blogging service deals with line breaks and blank lines. If his idea works, I’ll retract half of the ill will behind my statement that IE is shoddy software. Even so, get Opera (Windows), or Safari (Macintosh).

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