Marriage links for the week

When my wife and I were planning our wedding, we had to work with a pretty
limited budget. When she told me that the flowers were going to cost upwards
around $1,000, I sighed and said, “We don’t really need flowers, do we?” I
can’t remember anything else that happened that day. Jim at Snooze Button Dreams
has a similar
. (hat tip: Adrian Warnock)

Dr. Warnock called attention to the Jollyblogger blog this week. There, David
Wayne (a Presbyterian pastor in Maryland) is doing a good job discussing Christian
topics in an accessible way. His recent post Marriage
and the Myth of True Love
is excellent reading.

Toni has an intriguing post about ecclesiastical
for women and how
it relates to issues of submission.

Blake’s daughter has a message
for everyone
over at Statedog.

A story in the Washington Post talks about sociologist
Ann Swidler
‘s view
of marriage. A few good quotes:

  • "A good marriage is when you become better when you’re with the other
    person, not because they do good things for you but because you truly rejoice
    in the other person’s flourishing."
  • "The ideal of
    marriage is ever more the one place in a society, like ours, where you can
    fulfill the highest virtues of which we are capable: sacrifice,
    understanding, commitment."
  • "It would be the kind of social
    institution that not only is good, in a practical sense, for people—stabilize
    their lives, help them be productive,
    help them be law-abiding citizens, help them raise children—but would
    develop the moral qualities, and even the personal qualities, we value most
    in human


A while back I posted a
picture of me as a
South Park character
. Earlier this week my geek friend Nick alerted me to
the existence of a site where you can create
your own superhero
. Here’s what
I would look like if
I had superpowers:

Before any of my friends chime in with how this doesn’t look
anything like me, let me just confess that I don’t have wings, my muscles
are not quite that defined, my feet are much smaller than that, and my trench
coat is actually green. On the other hand, I am thin, I have short brown hair
and an angular
jaw, I wear glasses, and I often smirk with the left corner
my mouth.

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