Marriage links for the week

Doug at CoffeeSwirls celebrated his seventh
wedding anniversary
on Sunday.
Congratulations, Doug!

The Iowa legislature is looking to reduce the state’s divorce rate by as much
as five percent with new legislation
requiring premarital counseling
for couples
who apply for a quick wedding license. Under the recently passed bill, couples
who get counseling would receive their marriage license after a three-day waiting
period. Without it, couples must wait 20 days.

One researcher says that the underlying secret to a happy marriage is the
ratio 5:1
. Successful spouses share at least five positive interactions—such
as bestowing a smile, compliment or humorous quip—to counter every scornful
comment, condescending sneer or dramatic eye-rolling. I’ve heard others say 10:1.
I strive for 20:1 just to be safe.

Part of President Bush’s so-called War on Poverty is a provision
of $1.5 billion over five years for marriage education among the poor. One
responds to critics of
the measure.

Mildred and Sandoe Hanna have been married
70 years
. Says 90-year-old Mildred:
"It just goes by so fast, you don’t even notice."

Jennifer Lopez quote of the week: "The secret to a happy marriage is…
Oh, who am I kidding?"

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