My wife loves word games. Even though she’s an artist and I’m a writer, she regularly beats me in Scrabble and Boggle, though there are a couple of other games we play in which I fare slightly better. For a long time, she’s been wanting the Deluxe edition of Boggle, which uses letter cubes on a 25-square grid rather than the standard 16-square. I wanted to get it for her for Christmas, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Every time I see a toy or game store, I check to see if they have it, always without success. Even Amazon doesn’t list it. I was beginning to think that the edition was limited and no longer being made.

Today, however, I went to lunch with my geek friends and we checked out a toy store next to the pizza place where we ate. While they critiqued the selections in the sci-fi action figures section, I looked and found the holy grail of Boggle editions. So I bought it and brought it home. Now Mrs. Happy is itching to play, so RLTB.

Update: Mrs. Happy wins 121 – 78.

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