New link

I’ve been meaning to update the links in my sidebar for a while now. The URL for Peachwater, Tx. has changed slightly, and now I’ve updated that. Mainly, though, I’d like to call attention to Ryan’s Head, a new link in the Personal Blogs section. I’ve been reading Ryan’s blog for some time now and feeling a sort of kinship since he dearly loves his wife (whom he refers to as Ms. Lovechunk) and says so. Lately, though, I’ve just been too lazy to mess with my template and add that link.

Ryan has written a couple of recent posts about family that reminded me why I need to link to him. He also said some very kind things about me in a recent post and e-mail message, which made me feel guilty for being so lazy about the link. Plus, I just looked to see how long he’s been blogging, and the earliest post in his archives just happens to have been on my birthday (June 26) last year. So now I’ve finally gotten off my figurative butt and added the link. It’s there, now, and should remain there permanently. Please take a look at his site and see how another happy husband lives.

Also, Ryan and his wife are expecting a baby any day now. Very exciting.

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