Marriage links for the week

The WorldMag blog offers up an explanation of how marriage fosters freedom, contrary to popular sentiment, and how the very word free is linguistically bound to love and devotion. “Marriage is an act of freedom that allows people to gain the roots to be free, devoted to people and principle and not blown around by ideological winds. (A leaf is not free.)”

A happy marriage is an ongoing process. If you stop trying, you stop growing. And when you stop growing, you start decaying.

Sometimes it’s good for a couple to share a common profession, but there are drawbacks as well.

I’m adding a new link to my list of Personal Blogs this week: ireneQ. She is a young Malaysian blogger who chronicles her struggles with being a single Christian in a hostile secular world. Her thoughts resonate with me because I remember being where she was (young, single, and Christian, I mean—not female or Malysian), battling self-destructive desires and wondering what, if anything, is in store for me in the way of marriage. Her writing is excellent and she has superb taste in reading material (you’ll notice The Happy Husband in her link list). Check out her blog.

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