More Reasons I Love My Wife

Last week I started a list of 100
Reasons I Love My Wife
. Here are ten more reasons (in no particular

  • She’s my best friend.
  • She’s fun to tickle.
  • She recognizes when traditions are irrelevant and obsolete.
  • She recognizes when traditions are meaningful and important.
  • She can laugh at herself.
  • She can laugh at me.
  • I can laugh at her.
  • She’s so warm and soft.
  • She loves the outcast and the downcast.
  • She loves me.

10(0) Reasons I Love My Wife

Some bloggers write a list of 100 Things About Me. It’s always fun to
read the random things people think of to say about themselves. I have no desire
do that myself, because I’m
simply not interesting enough for a list with more than ten items. However,
of 100 Reasons I Love My Wife. I don’t know if others would enjoy
it, but such
a list would certainly be more fascinating to me than an itemized description
Since I never have the time to come up with 100 things at once, and since few
people have the time to read 100 things at once, I’m going to do it in groups
of ten. I’ll post ten-item lists from time to time until I reach 100, then
I’ll compile them all into one list and link to it in the sidebar. Here are
ten things
I’m thinking of today, in no particular order:

  • She’s the only
    beautiful woman I know
  • She talks a lot, but only around me. Well, mainly around me.
  • She knows a thousand times less about music (theory, history, composition,
    performance technique, etc.) than I do and still manages to have far
    more sophisticated listening tastes.
  • She likes to draw, and she’s good at it.
  • She indulges my
    bizarre whims
  • She makes the best cookies in the world (oatmeal/coconut/chocolate chip).
  • She makes the best chicken pot pie in the world (the secret is in the celery
    seed crust).
  • She takes me out
    of my comfort zone
  • She can’t go through an entire day without kissing me at least 50 times.
  • She showed me how much I could be loved.