Reasons I love my husband, 11–20

  • He makes me feel smart, even though he is far smarter.
  • He loves my brothers.
  • He does his share of housework and more.
  • He cuddles with me every morning through many a "snooze."
  • He’s so cute and makes the most precious faces when he doesn’t know I’m
  • He never raises his voice, even if he’s mad at me.
  • He is always striving to learn something new.
  • His voice is really sexy.
  • He is so committed to making our marriage the best it can be.
  • He inspires others to make marriage the best it can be.

Reasons I love my husband, 1–10

Since Curt recently finished his
of 100 reasons why he love me, it seems
only fair for me to post my own list of 100 reasons why I love him, even though
I’m far more loveable, and this will be ten times more difficult for me to
do than it was for him. (Note: This is absolutely true. Just ask anyone
we know.—Curt
) Of course I’m only kidding (still, it’s true—Curt),
but I will only do ten at a

  • God and family are his top priorities.
  • His hugs are the warmest, most genuine hugs ever given.
  • He tells me he loves me at least five times a day.
  • He thinks I’m beautiful no matter what state I’m in.
  • He enjoys children’s book and junior fiction as well as sophisticated literature
    that flies way over my head.
  • He is not afraid to cry or become vulnerable in my presence.
  • He encourages me to be my best.
  • He sings to our unborn child every single night.
  • He has a great sense of humor—sometimes dry, sometimes silly.
  • He is extremely intelligent, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Reasons I love my wife, 91–100

A little less than a year ago, I listed ten reasons I love my wife, with
the goal of eventually listing 100 reasons. This post finally achieves that
goal. I don’t intend to stop the list at 100, but it feels good to make it
this far.

  • She knows how to use an apostrophe.
  • She lets me hold the TV remote even though she hates the way I use it.
  • She writes half of the His and Hers post
    every Friday.
  • She supports my maintaining this blog and acts as chief
  • The only time I don’t miss her is when I’m with her.
  • When I told her I wouldn’t say "I love you" to a woman I wasn’t
    ready to marry, she thought it was an excellent policy. (I told her I loved
    her about
    20 seconds before I asked her to be my wife.)
  • She still calls her parents by the names she called them at the age of
  • I still get a little nervous/excited when I hold her hand.
  • She hates science fiction, but loves Firefly.
  • I can’t imagine life without her.

Reasons I love my wife, 81–90

Ten more reasons:

  • She has a childlike sense of wonder.
  • She appreciates children’s sense of wonder.
  • She likes dogs.
  • She likes to read.
  • She will not throw away a pair of socks until they are no longer recognizable
    as socks. (This actually annoys me a great deal, and yet it’s somehow endearing
  • She can recognize a crazy ambition in me, and she lets it run its course
    rather than actively squelching it.
  • She knows the difference between its and it’s.
  • She doesn’t mind waking up to Benny Goodman music in the morning.
  • She lets me comb her wet hair sometimes.
  • Everyone in my family absolutely loves her.

Reasons I love my wife, 71–80

Ten more reasons:

  • Her beauty and the force of her presence do not allow me to ever take her
    for granted.
  • No matter how tired or irritable she is, she doesn’t even flinch when I
    say I want to sing to the baby in her abdomen.
  • She adores me even when there’s no reason for it.
  • The sight of a cherry tree in bloom fills her with wonder.
  • Her come-hither expression makes me weak in the knees.
  • The state of my employment has nothing to do with my value to her.
  • She thinks she doesn’t deserve me and doesn’t realize that I don’t deserve
  • She understands my jokes and thinks they’re funny.
  • She doesn’t hold it against me (for long) when she dreams that I’m mean
    to her.
  • She just called up the stairs and asked if I wanted to kiss her before
    she started her shower.


Reasons I love my wife, 61–70

I’m pleased to offer ten more reasons I love my wife:

  • Even Especially when she’s pregnant, she grows more beautiful every
  • Her singing voice is sweet, sincere, and untrained.
  • She helps me dress in a socially appropriate manner.
  • I can’t fall asleep in bed if she’s not beside me.
  • She has this tiny little shirt that, uh, never mind…
  • When I start thinking about her in that tiny little shirt, it takes me
    half an hour to gather my wits and write something.
  • She appreciates humor more than punch lines, and thus we agree that Scrubs,
    Malcolm in the Middle, The Simpsons, Arrested Development,
    and King
    of the Hill
    are the best sitcoms currently on TV.
  • She’s both humble and confident.
  • She has beautiful penmanship.
  • She sculpted a little dog figurine for me. It sits on my desk and makes
    me feel close to her even when we’re apart.

Reasons I love my wife, 51–60

  • She says the funniest, most random things when she’s falling asleep.
  • She has a child’s love of playing.
  • She’s eminently cuddle-able.
  • She can sing We Are The World in the styles of all 35 singers.
  • She doesn’t point out shapes in clouds, but she does get excited when she
    sees a car that has a face (headlights form the eyes, bumpers form the
    mouth, etc.).
  • She didn’t care for Broadway musicals before we met, but now she shares
    my passion for the theater.
  • She lets me warm my cold feet on her legs.
  • She lets me warm my cold hands on her back.
  • She’s an amazing friend, to me and to everyone.
  • She’s kind to children and small animals.

Reasons I love my wife, 41–50

I am still in the midst of writing 100 Reasons I Love My Wife. While I was thinking about
what to write about tonight, it occurred to me that in many ways actions dictate
feelings. Therefore, reasons 41–50 will focus on actions I take that make me
love her more.

  • I lie in her place in bed while she washes her face and brushes her teeth
    at night, acting as her own personal bed warmer
  • I open doors for her
  • I kiss her at least 50 times a day
  • I hug her as if she’s the only woman in the world
  • I work a well-paying, soul-sucking job so that she can work a low-paying,
    world-changing job
  • I keep her supplied with chocolate and candy
  • I encourage her when she works out at the gym
  • I serenade her, sometimes with my ukulele
  • I brag about her to my friends and family
  • I pat her rear every time I walk past her

Reasons I love my wife, 31–40

I’m working on writing 100 reasons I love my wife, in increments of ten.

  • She stares at my lips when I talk.
  • I’m
    supposed to
  • She’s a great cook.
  • She likes my cooking.
  • She encourages me in writing a blog about marriage.
  • People like me better when they know she approves of me.
  • She thinks I’m the best hugger in the world.
  • She listens as well as she talks.
  • She loves games, she’s very competitive, and she likes that I’m competitive
    as well. Because seriously, what’s the point of playing a game if you’re
    not trying to win?
  • She has not yet completely flipped out over my habit of purchasing more
    books than we will ever have space for.

Ten more Reasons I Love My Wife

I’m up to twenty on my quest to list 100 Reasons I love my wife. Here are reasons No. 21—30, in no particular order:

  • Her smile triggers an endorphin release in my brain.
  • She’s the most intuitive and emotionally intelligent person I know.
  • She’s the best hugger I know.
  • Her hands fit in mine perfectly.
  • She’s comfortable and content being herself.
  • She puts a lot of thought into every gift she gives.
  • She taught me how to love her the right way (I’m still learning).
  • She gets a devastatingly adorable expression on her face right before she cries.
  • She gets a devastatingly adorable dimple next to her right eye when she smiles.
  • Her neck is long, graceful, beautiful, and fun to kiss.