Moving trumps blogging

In case you haven’t guessed, posting will be light for a while. Mrs.
Happy and I are trying to take care of the world’s best baby and pack up our
house for a cross-country move. Next week, we’ll be on the road. The week after
that, who knows?

Before I get back to packing, I thought I’d share this
character I made
using The Simpomaker, thanks to MCF.

And, just for fun, a retrospective of fictional incarnations of Curt I’ve
made over the years using online character generators:

with Hero Machine

South Park Create-a-Character

This was from a defunct page called Create Your Own Superhero.

Mrs. Happy drew these without the benefit of a generator:

No title

When I started blogging, I had time to write and ideas to communicate.
Later, life got busy, but the ideas kept flowing. Presently, I have nothing
but time. The idea synapses in my brain seem to have stopped firing—I assume
is being diverted to the taking-care-of-baby and the thinking-about-finances-and-moving-my-family-across-the-country
Still, I have not lost my desire to blog. I feel like I ought to post at least
once a week just so readers don’t get too concerned.
Anyway, I’m still alive.

Baby Happy is not always happy. Right before he cries, he contorts his face
into the most devastatingly adorable frown. He gets that directly from his

spend quite a bit more time with my baby than I do with my computer. Tater’s
so cute, the iMac is lucky to get any Curt time at all.

University of Texas: 41, University of Southern California: 38

A visit from my dad trumped blogging last night. Tonight, the NCAA National
Championship kept me from the computer. My Longhorns silenced the scoffers,
ended 34-game
winning streak of the two-time defending champions (though now the second-best
every Heisman
voter that favored Reggie Bush over Vince Young. Hook ‘em Horns!!!!!

On a different note, I’ve received more questions since my post on Monday,
which I will answer tomorrow. If you want to add a question or two of your
own, now is the time.

Mental health trumps blogging

I have been blogging since August
of 2003
. In all that time, I don’t think I’ve taken an entire week off
of blogging. It’s time for a vacation. I’ll be back on January 2, 2006. When
I return, I’m thinking I’ll do another Q & A post. If you have any questions
you’ve been dying to ask me, leave them in the comments here. If you don’t,
I’ll just have to make some up.

Until then, stay happy ( :) ).

Lots of stuff trumps blogging

I need to get some sleep tonight; tomorrow I have to go back to working my
temp job. I do, however want to share this picture of Tater in his bouncer
with Deb (the cute little
Risha (the adorable donkey).
And no, your mind is not playing tricks on you—he got cuter once again. I don’t
know how he does it or when he will stop.

A couple of people have asked about what we named our baby, and I know there are a lot more who are interested. We did come up
with a cool name chock full of meaning, aesthetic value, and sonorous resonance.
At this point in my parenthood, however, I am too paranoid about crazed lunatics
with internet access (psycho stalkers, I mean, not THH readers) to release this information. Just as I never call Mrs.
Happy by her given name online, I also plan to never mention Tater’s name either.
Sorry, that’s just how it is.

So much trumps blogging

During the day I have all sorts of fascinating thoughts that I intend to write
about in my blog. When I sit down to write in the evening, they all fly out
of my head. (I’m working a freelance job this week, so I can’t write during
It doesn’t help that we had another sonogram today and that we just got home
thoughts have been pushed out by the details of breastfeeding
and newborn hygiene. I really will write something good and substantial sometime
And things will settle down once the baby is born. Right?

In the mean time, the baby pool is shaping up nicely. As I mentioned, we had
another sonogram today, which gave us a little more information. In the interest
fairness, neither of us will modify our original answers in any way. Neither
will I reveal any of the sonogram results except to say that the baby/babies is/are perfectly
healthy. So keep those guesses coming. Everyone has an equal chance of winning,
except for Lori, because my wife is definitely not carrying three


I seem to have caught a cold in the middle of summer. A friend of mine told me earlier today that a lot of people he knows have symptoms similar to mine, and that he suspects the beginnings of a whooping cough epidemic. I personally think that his opinion might signify the beginnings of a head-full-of-rocks epidemic. History will judge between us. In any case, whether I have a cold or whooping cough, I’m in no condition to blog.

Thank you

I’d like to thank everyone for the prayers and kind words over the past few days. Funerals are always sad but necessary, and this one offered blessings to temper the grief. Thank you again.

Blogging is trumped

We found out last night that one of Mrs.
Happy’s grandfathers died yesterday. It wasn’t sudden
or unexpected, but there is still quite a bit of grief involved. Today was
sort of hectic, and the
days are going to be busy for us, so posting will be sparse to nonexistent
until next week. I would appreciate any prayers that can be offered
up for
the family, especially those members who may not have hope for eternity in
God’s love.

Audience participation

I received another contribution to the Where We’re From page today (from Julie,
who also has a blog).
Newer readers may not realize that I welcome—nay, desire—contributions
to that page. You may also be unaware that I enjoy hearing individual love
stories, stories of how a couple met, fell in love, and married. Love stories
are as varied
as the individuals involved, and they are always compelling. So if you type
out your personal love story
and mail it to me (happy at atimelikethis dot net), I’ll publish it here as an encouragement to others as well
as myself.