Marriage links for the week

Sallie (Two Talent Living) remembers what it was like to be single
and alone during the holidays
. (ht: Solo

Julie Anne Fidler offers some thoughts
on an imperfect marriage

Steve Lynch continues his blogging of the book Covenant Marriage with Chapter
20: Intellectual Intimacy

Good intentions can go one
of two ways
… (Why I Love My Husband)

I must have missed this
episode of The Simpsons
. (Ad
Altare Dei)

The Pope calls marriage "the
heritage of humanity
." (Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate)

Derek talks about the
importance of quality time
in a marriage.


When I was a child, I was quite small for my age, both short and thin. One
time, I was looking up a word in the dictionary. As I flipped
through the C
I caught
a glimpse
name. I stopped and looked, fascinated to see how Webster might define me.
"Short," it said. I closed book a little shell-shocked, finally understanding
that I never really had a chance to be big. I’ve
never felt the need to apologize, though

If you needed any more proof that Disney has no understanding or respect for
A.A. Milne’s original vision for Winnie-the-Pooh, there’s this.

Marriage links for the week

Ben Wilson continues his review of Love and Respect. Since my last roundup
links, he has written four posts on the book: one,
and four.
He also has a great review of the movie Sex,
Lies, & Obsession
, which is all about the nature of sexual addiction.

Marla posts a
that I’m afraid will apply to Baby Happy in a few years.

Irene revisits what
she’s looking for
in a spouse.

SillyDad spends some of his alone time writing
a poem
. I think we should all set aside some time in our day for such artistic

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with
16: Overcoming the Barriers of Defensiveness

Jungle Pop asks: What
do you call your in-laws?
I fretted about this for a
while in the early years of my marriage. I sort of avoided calling them anything,
but I envisioned a situation in which I would have to call one of them something and
whatever I called them would sound awkward. Finally, I just came right out
and asked them. They suggested their first names, so that’s what I call them.

Marriage links for the week

At long last, Ben Wilson begins his commentary on the book Love & Respect with
Post Love and Respect
And to make up for lost time, he quickly offers another post on unconditional

Steve Lynch talks about the
importance of family traditions

Adrian Warnock links to some MP3 files of talks on marriage
and marriage-related issues

How should a Christian woman respect and honor her non-Christian husband?
Carolyn tackles the question at Girltalk in two posts: one, two.

Marriage links for the week

Irene wonders about how
to find Mr. Right
, then wonders whether
there even is
such a thing

I don’t know why, but it always warms my heart when Amy Scott talks
about her kids

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with Chapter
15: Why Do I Get So Defensive?

I don’t really read John Piper much, but Adrian Warnock does. He links
to and excerpts
one of Piper’s recent articles called The
Marks of a Spiritual Leader
. I know that every husband is by definition
a spiritual leader, but it’s heartening to see someone as respected as John
Piper say something like this:

Paul said in Ephesians 5:25, "Husbands, love your wives!" Love
her! Love her! What does it profit a man if he gains a great following and
his wife? What have we led people to if they see that it leads us to divorce?
What we need today are leaders who are great lovers. Husbands who write poems
for their wives and sing songs to their wives and buy flowers for their wives
for no reason at all except that they love them. We need leaders who know
that they should take a day alone with their wives every now and then; leaders
do not fall into the habit of deriding and putting their wives down, especially
with careless little asides in public; leaders who speak well of their wives
in public and complement them spontaneously when they are alone; leaders
who touch her tenderly at other times besides when they are in bed. One of
greatest temptations of a busy leader is to begin to treat his wife as a
kind of sex object. It starts to manifest itself when the only time he ever
her passionately or touches her tenderly is when he’s trying to allure her
into bed. It is a tragic thing when a wife becomes a mannequin for masturbation.
Learn what her delights are and bring her to the fullest experience of sexual
climax. Talk with her and study her desires. Look her in the eye when you
talk to her. Put down the paper and turn off the television. Open the door
for her.
Help her with the dishes. Throw her a party. LOVE HER! LOVE HER! If you don’t,
all your success as a leader will very likely explode in failure at home.

Marriage links for the week

Is it possible for a single woman to have a close friendship with a married
man without the relationship going "too far"? An e-mail correspondent asks
this question
of Ben Wilson, and he
, as do several of his readers.

Amy Scott has a
love story, of a sort
. You will enjoy it if you are a Calvinist, or maybe
even if you aren’t.

TheWriteJerry (who my spell
check thinks I should call Termite) got married two weeks ago. He shares his
love story in several parts (we’re still
for Part 3):

Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Write – The Ceremony (Part 1)

Mr. & Mrs. Write – The Ceremony (Part 2)

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage by Gary Chapman
with Chapters
13 and 14: Identifying Difference and Making Difference an Asset

Derek’s wife came up with a great idea for a game: Truth
or Truth

Marriage links for the week

I got an e-mail from Adrian
earlier this week calling my attention to girl
, a blog that
focuses on "biblical womanhood and other fun stuff," written
by three sisters and their mother. Janelle,
and Nicole (part
, part
) have each been telling their love stories
this week making a point of explaining how they each went through a courtship
rather than the typical dating scene. It all began with a question
from a reader
and has prompted something of a
backlash over at the Crosswalk
, but that’s to be expected whenever Adrian gets involved. :)

Wendy Cooper celebrates her tenth anniversary by publishing 18
of her husband’s
darkest secrets

Ben Wilson tells the story of how his
relationship with a very young Sheryl Crow fizzled out
, and how glad he is of that. No offense to Ms. Crow.

Derek explains how he sometimes forgets how
much responsibility
he has as
a husband for the spiritual health of his family, but God always reminds him.

Jollyblogger wonders whether marital
dissatisfaction is a sin
, and offers
advice on overcoming it.

After reading my post about how I tell my child every night that Jesus loves
him, Jeff sent me a link to Christianity Today‘s collection of stories about
various parents
leading their children to salvation

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with Chapter 12: Making Time for the Important.